We produce 10 tons fabrics per day with our 45 new technology weaving machines including 24 dobby and 21 jacquard. Fabrics, using in apparel department, are produced in weaving department. We also share our fabric weaving and sizing capacity with other companies.
Smith 360cm Dobby Towel Looms 8 Piece
Smith 260 cm Jacquard Towel Looms  12 Piece
Wamateks 360cm Dobby Towel Looms 8 Piece
Wamateks 360cm Dobby Towel Looms 8 Piece
Wamateks 260cm Jacquard Towel Looms  9 Piece
Ramallumin sizing machine 1 Piece
Ramallumin direct warping machine  2 Piece
Küçüker conical warping machine  9 Piece


With our own machines, we produce knitted fabrics with different variations. We produce 7 tons knitted fabrics per day with 25 machines, including 12 warp knitting, and 13 circular knitting.
Jacquard Wellsoft Knitting Machine 4 Piece
Wellsoft Knitting Machine 5 Piece
Piko Knitting Machine 2 Piece
Jacquard Piko Knitting Machine 2 Piece
Karl Mayer Knitting Machine 4 Piece
K-Tex Raschel Knitting Machine 8 Piece



We produce 120,000 m fabrics per day with 3 rotation printing machines,
Among 2 (width: 240 cm) include magnet systems (12 colour) and the other is stork printing machine (width: 185 cm), which is printed on velvet and towel.
Reggianni Rotary Printing Machine 2 Piece
Stork Rotary Printing Machine 1 Piece
Stork/Bestlen Laser Engraving Stark 1 Set


Dyeing department consists of two parts: fabric and yarn dyeing. All these departments total PES and cotton/PES blends dyeing capacity is 23 tons of per day.

Fabric Dyeing-HT
By using 18 HT machines, 18 tons of cotton, PES and cotton/PES blends towels and bathrobe per day are dyeing.

Yarn Dyeing
Daily 5 tons of cotton, PES and cotton /PES yarn blends are dyeing for towels and bathrobe production.
SSM Draw Winding Machine  2 Piece
SSM Draw and Digicone Conic Winding Machine  1 Piece
SSM Conic Winding Machine  2 Piece
Fongs - Allwin Cone dyeing machine 8 Piece
Bruckner Stenter (Natural gas, width: 240 cm) 3 Piece
Unitec Stenter (Natural gas, width: 240 cm) 1 Piece
Unitec Stenter (Natural gas, width: 340 cm) 1 Piece
Mezzara Rope Washing Machine 1 Piece
Bianco Rope Opener Machine 1 Piece
Mario Crosta-Lafer- Elektoteks Raising Machine 4 Piece
Roller embossing machine 1 Team
Embossing Machine with rose effect 1 Team
Steaming-effect machine 1 Team
Polising polisher and softener machine 1 Team
Benninger Mercerizing Machine 1 Piece
Kusters Pad-Batch Dyeing Machine 1 Piece
Vollenweider shearing machine 1 Piece
Ramisch kleinewefers 240 cm washing machine 1 Piece
Demsan folding & rolling machine 2 Piece
Memnun sueding machine 1 Piece
Knıdos - Euro Maco 25 - 1200 Kg Ardim HT Dyeing Machine 23 Piece
Ramisch kleinewefers calendering machine 1 Piece
Polteks calandering machine 2 Piece
Arioli steamer machine 1 Piece
Osthoff singeing machine 23 Piece
Biancalani continuous relax dryer 1 Piece
Ferraro sanforizing machine 1 Piece


Towel and bathrobe garments are manufactured with the latest technology machines and 300 employees.
Automatic spreading and cutting machines, embroidery machines and special sewing machines are used in production. The products, we produce, are listed below.

The main products and capacities we produce are as follows.
Dyed towel Boucle towel Beach bag
Jaquard towel Child bathrobe Baby hooded towel
Organik towel Velvet bathrobe Baby bib
Kitchen towel Printed bathrobe Poncho
Beach towel Knitted morning gown Blanket
Loincloth / Sauna Towel Wellsoft bathrobe Bed cover
Printed towel    
Doutouch towel     
Azim Long Edge Towel Sewing Machine 4 Piece
Azim Long Edge Towel Cutting Machine 2 Piece
Azim Short Edge Cutting Machine 1 Piece
Pivottex Automatic Short Edge Cutting Machine 1 Piece
Pfaff Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine 2 Piece
Juki-Brother-Union Special Automatic Sewing Machine 350 Piece
Barudan Embroidery Machines 7 Piece
Gerber GT7250 Cutter Machine 1 Piece
Gerber XLS 125 2200 L Spreading Machine 2 Piece


Dok-San Textile Laboratory has two sub-units: physics and chemistry.
In the Chemistry Laboratory, color studies (impregnation, exhaust and yarn dyeing) are carried out by automatic dosing and pipetting machine.
In the physical laboratory, raw material and finished product tests are performed by experienced personnel.
Technorama Automatic Dosing and Pipetting Machine 1 Piece
Technorama Powder Dye and Colour Code 1 Piece
Technorama Sample Dyeing Machine 1 Piece
Datacolor Spectrometer 1 Piece
SDL ATLAS washing, abrasion and pilling machines 2 Piece