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Dok-San R&D Center was certificated by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in December 28th, 2017. Our R&D center became Turkey's 767th, 7th in Denizli and 5th in sector.

What is the R&D Center's Vision?
Contributing to increase our competitiveness developing high value-added, innovative products and processes to be one of Turkey's best R&D Centers in the sector.

What is the mission of R&D Center?
To provide continuous improvement and sustainability of our products and services that go beyond customer demands and needs by working in team spirit without compromising Dok-San Tekstil values with our employees, customers, suppliers and cooperations.

2019 R&D Chronology

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To be the leader of the home textile industry with our traditional and technological products, by adding value to our stakeholders, with continuous improvement efforts, innovative approaches, and awareness of our social responsibility, giving importance to the environment and human health.

With our innovative team that is experienced in the sector, dynamic, educated, environmentally conscious, aiming to increase the quality of life and acting ethically to make customer-oriented production with last technology, high quality, and efficiency in home textiles.