Dyeing department consists of two parts: fabric and yarn dyeing. All these departments total PES and cotton/PES blends dyeing capacity is 23 tons of per day.

Fabric Dyeing-HT
By using 18 HT machines, 18 tons of cotton, PES and cotton/PES blends towels and bathrobe per day are dyeing.

Yarn Dyeing
Daily 5 tons of cotton, PES and cotton /PES yarn blends are dyeing for towels and bathrobe production.
SSM Draw Winding Machine  2 Piece
SSM Draw and Digicone Conic Winding Machine  1 Piece
SSM Conic Winding Machine  2 Piece
Fongs - Allwin Cone dyeing machine 8 Piece
Bruckner Stenter (Natural gas, width: 240 cm) 3 Piece
Unitec Stenter (Natural gas, width: 240 cm) 1 Piece
Unitec Stenter (Natural gas, width: 340 cm) 1 Piece
Mezzara Rope Washing Machine 1 Piece
Bianco Rope Opener Machine 1 Piece
Mario Crosta-Lafer- Elektoteks Raising Machine 4 Piece
Roller embossing machine 1 Team
Embossing Machine with rose effect 1 Team
Steaming-effect machine 1 Team
Polising polisher and softener machine 1 Team
Benninger Mercerizing Machine 1 Piece
Kusters Pad-Batch Dyeing Machine 1 Piece
Vollenweider shearing machine 1 Piece
Ramisch kleinewefers 240 cm washing machine 1 Piece
Demsan folding & rolling machine 2 Piece
Memnun sueding machine 1 Piece
Knıdos - Euro Maco 25 - 1200 Kg Ardim HT Dyeing Machine 23 Piece
Ramisch kleinewefers calendering machine 1 Piece
Polteks calandering machine 1 Piece
Arioli steamer machine 1 Piece
Osthoff singeing machine 1 Piece
Biancalani continuous relax dryer 2 Piece
Ferraro sanforizing machine 1 Piece